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Our consultants can have an impact on the implementation of ERP softwares like HR ACCESS or SAP in various type of business activities (Banking, Insurance, Industry, Public Agencies, Public Administrations).
Our consultants can address the local market in Luxembourg as well as global clients in Paris, Bruxelles, London, or Berlin.
Our consultants are seasoned with distributed projects teams with for example a project office in USA and an offshore development team in India.

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In Richer Consulting, we have the experience of Global Cloud Application implementation like Workday in global multisites and multicountries groups over several continents.
Workday can be implemented by defining global business processes with specific localizations, site by site, or country by country.
A complex Support Model is often necessary to be able to address day to day operations on several continents and different countries.

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We have a comprehensive experience in payroll projects in Luxembourg and France.
In Luxembourg, we contributed to Luxembourgish companies payroll implementations, as well as continuous maintenance of fiduciaries payroll operations, on HR Access, Apsal, Keypaye, and Wisal.
In France, we contributed to payroll implementations with HR Access or Cegid RH Place.

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